Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1984 G.I. Joe Vamp (REFURBISHED)


Alriteys...this here is a 1984 Vamp (from the awesome G.I. Joe series). Finished a couple of weeks back (couldn't post it at the time since the owner wanted to add some more stuff to it) but then I figured, why not I just post this one first and the upgraded version for the next round...heh.

Okay, my friend passed me his '84 vamp and asked me to refurbish the fella. When I received it, there was no steering wheels, no weapons at the back. But the condition of it was still top notch.

He asked me to make it look good. And once given such task, I shall comply with the best of intent! So I started with the separation of the top and bottom parts. Then the tires, and tried to figure out what to put to cover those huge holes at the back. Thankfully the owner was very helpful with giving me ideas as well as giving me the green light to do as I please (did some reference so I won't screw it up...this vehicle is vintage)...I decided to give it some preshades and some details on certain parts of the Vamp.

Here it is. Completed.

'84 G.I. Joe Vamp (Refurbished)

The details on the shovel was painted in. It was molded with the body unlike the 25th Anniversary edition of the Vamp.

Added the missing steering wheel with my extra runners from Gundam kits. Yep, there are uses for it. So keep 'em!

Covered the huge hole at the back with some extra parts from my military kits, and the two cylinders at the sides were from my Finemolds

Some of the details on the console was handpainted in. Just to give it some sense of realism.

My friend wanted the seats painted. Since it was molded in with the lower half, masking was the only option!

As you can see, I did some drybrushing on the upper engine part above the seats. Simple details that adds some realism.

To check out the Work In Progress shots, drop by at:

'84 Vamp Refurbish W.I.P

So till next time!

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