Thursday, December 6, 2012

MG RGM-79C Powered GM


Here's something that I've been doing for a very very very long time. Yes, I think close to almost 2 years or so...actually it was prepped ready to be painted, but yeah, it took a while.

Anyhoo, I got this kit from a friend of mine. He had the MG RGM-79C and a 3rd party upgrade kit to make it into the Powered GM. When I first saw the kit, it was in a pretty bad shape. Just trying my luck, I asked if he wanted to sell it...and to my happiness he said yes.

Now, I've always like the RGM mechas from the Gundam series. I think they kinda kick ass. They ain't no Gundam, but they were cool. And one of my favourites was the Powered GM. I had the 1/144 HGUC version which to me was fantastic, but I liked my bots to be big. So having this MG version was dream come true. But it took me awhile (for me, 2 years for a personal project is 'awhile'...heh) to work on it until the end. Cleaned it up, stripped the paint. Fix some of the internal parts to have it tight again. And after working on it bit by was done. My last batch of flat clear coating was used to finalise this guy.

Master Grade 1/100 Scale RGM-79C Powered GM

Alrights. That's one gunpla kit down. More to go...

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