Friday, December 7, 2012

Simple Figure Weathering Tutorial


Hey guys...I usually put up my tutorials or works in progress in my Facebook page, but I've been thinking...not everybody goes on FB all the time right? What about people who follow my blog? So here just for you guys, I've prepared a simple tutorial...

I've always been asked about ways to improve a figure. And I'd tell them the hows and the tools to use. Some get it, and some might be wondering what the heck I was talking about. Now here' something you can do with just a few tools to increase your figures looks.

Okay, so I have here is a Star Wars figure. An Rebel Alliance pilot named Dorovio Bold. She came in a 3 pack pilot Star Wars set. Here's the figure:

As you can see, her orange flight suit is pretty bright right? So we're going to learn how to improve if not a bit on her suit. What do you need?

- The figure.
- Some cotton buds.
- Gundam Real Touch Marker (Black).

See...that's all. Now, let's start working!

1. Alright, first and foremost is make sure your figure is clean. Wash it, wipe it, brush it or what ever. Once that's done, next thing is start drawing using the markers on the creases and folded areas of your figure as seen in the picture below. I used the big spread end of the marker to get a better range of areas.

2. Then take a cotton bud and wipe the area. Now don't worry, it will look all smudgy.

3. Now use the other end of the cotton bud and clean up the areas by pressing it harder and scrubbing it. You can control the amount of darken areas by the pressure of your scrubbing. The harder you push, the clearer the area.

4. And it's all done! Using steps 1 till 3, repeat it on the whole body!

Here's Dorovio next to another Rebel Alliance pilot. See the difference?

So, that should cover this simple and easy way to improve the look of your figure. Hope you have fun customising your figures! And if there are any questions, don't hesitate to email me at:

Till next time!