Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bandai's SIC Kamen Rider Den-O Imagins


Yup...the first posting of a custom work after disappearing for a while.

Actually, there were a few jobs that I've managed to finish in the past month...but I was thinking that maybe I should start out with a project that has been with me for quite some time.

When I was approached for this project, the owner requested for me to do an 'uncontracted' version of these so called Imagins. They're like demons from another world and once they have made a deal with a human, they have proper 'colored' bodies.

No I had to search on what were the uncontracted colors were and luckily there were vinyl figures that was made. So based on that reference, I added my own touch to create Imagins with no contract.

I'm putting up these 3 first since during the show, these 3 bozos actually played quite the role...so I give you, Den-O imagins...

First up is:


Third up is:

Alright...dayum that felt good! It's really a good feeling to be able to share my works again.
Okay, till I see you guys soon...which will be really soon!


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