Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RKD Is Back!!!

Salutations to everyone!

Yes, as the title says...RKD Studios is back. After almost a half year break, I'm back. And it looks like I'm gonna be really busy in trying to clear up my backlogged commissioned works. My beautiful baby girl has been home for the past 3 months and I've been trying to work out my schedule amidst going for my day job as well. It's hard, but my wife and I are managing it okay.

But seriously...it is good to be back. As some of you might realise, RKD's Facebook page has just recently been updated with some works. Not to worry, like before...there will be postings for both and as usual, each posting will be different from the other.

So stay tune friends and followers...I'll be posting custom works like before...

It has been an amazing and heart wrenching time with the birth of our little girl, but with faith in God...she's growing stronger and healthier by the day.

A very big thank you for the prayers that was sent to us regarding our child, as well as the patience and understanding of my clients/friends for the time that I had to take a leave of absence from customising.

Dang...it's good to be back!

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