Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Masterpiece Grimlock (Full Repaint)


Hey guys...okay, I'm mixing my postings a bit. Was supposed to continue with the remaining 2 Imagins from the Den-O repaint, but I was thinking why not save that and share something else...

Hookay, the last time I actually repainted a Transformer figure was way back in 2012...I think it was after endless repainting of Transformer movie figures, I was burnt out. Not to mention kick starting my own TF repaints was also a after a year plus, I'm back to painting the good ol' robots in disguise. It felt good really, and with the new technical know how' was pretty interesting to use those new tricks...

And what better way to start off with a Transformers Masterpiece figure. Not just any figure, but that big lug head Grimlock!

Interesting thing about working with this figure, was actually the owner himself. It was a joy to work with him since he knew what he wanted. He also gave me some creative freedom to add some of my own touch in painting his figure. And now he's become one of my good friends and it's interesting to see the ideas that he has and wants to do...

So, this particular MP Grimlock went through a full body repaint. As in, every single part of his body was repainted. The gold part was painted yellow with some light orange stripes, and the chrome parts was painted white. The gray was an interesting mix, since the owner actually had some ideas on how he wanted his I gave him a twist of metallic gray with a tinge of light silver on top.

The down part of this was the whole folder of pictures that I took was corrupted, and I had to ask the owner to take some pics for my portfolio...

Masterpiece Grimlock

"Me Grimlock not repaint...Me King!!"

Well, I can really say that with this marks me back in repainting Transformers figures. I finally took out most of my TF personal project that I worked on a while stay tuned!

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