Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Leader Class Optimus Prime Just Went Bad

Here's the second exclusive repaint I did for Robotcon. A Nemesis version of the movie Optimus Prime. And better still, the Leader Class version. All I can say is that the leader class prime is an awesome toy. The technology shoved into its transformations system was superb and I for one am amazed at how they could come up with such a toy.

Anyways, I used my usual Nemesis scheme but added a few more details to it. For instance, the flame was replaced by lines. Why lines? Just to add a tad difference to the normal flames. Originally we were going to go with flames, but then it would be so identical to the normal prime (and not to mention time consuming..didn't have much time though).

After much work and less than two hours of sleep each day, he was done...finally.

Leader Class Nemesis Prime:

Close-ups on the bot:

Vehicle Mode:

Leader Class Nemesis Prime (Robotcon Exclusive)

(Click on each image to see Nemesis clearly)


  1. i like the way you colour his hands black to potray a more bad guy look! Kudos to you!

  2. bro....i did a great job... cemerlang... looking forward to see your movie megatron... ok chow - silentgecko

  3. *sorry correction*
    "YOU did a great job!!!"

  4. Dude how much you charge to repaint either 20th anniversary OP and ldr class OP

  5. i wan my megatron to be painted silver also... i know james sent his.. i wan mine being painted also..... :)

  6. Oit Jazz Jazz cepat cepat. hehe