Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Megatron Make-Over

Hey all, as you all know the Transformer Movie is currently showing and is the hottest movie hitting the cinemas now. And as before, the merchandising will ensue from toys to whatever you can think of. But RK Designs won't be going that far, just doing another repaint for another customer.

Who is it this time? It's the Leader Class Megatron. As a personal opinion, the figure was colored badly by the manufacturers (this is an honest comment...) and I think, a Leader Class figure should have been given more work on the paintjob. Last few weeks, a friend showed me a link to a custom repaint of the Movie Megs. Members rooted for me to do a RK version, but I had to wait till someone sends in the fig.

Lucky for me, a toy shop (Toy Workers - link can be seen on the right panel) who has been a strong supporter of RK Designs and a good friend sent in the first Megs to be repainted. The scheme? Well, they asked me to try to follow closely to the link they gave in the forum, then I thought again...I don't remember RK Designs following someone else's design...So I opt for a different approach.

And here ladies and gentlemen...is the result..

Leader Class Megatron - RK Designs exclusive for Toy Workers

A little close up shots:

Cybertronian Jet form:

Close up of the fighter:


(images can be seen larger if clicked upon)

p.s: I didn't have time to properly take the pictures of the figure at home since the owner needed it quite urgent, so I brought my digicam and did a photo session in his shop.


  1. now THAT is a Megatron. Not that stupid Rainbow Monkey that Hasblo did.

  2. thanks eyeris...jst wasn't happy with the previous colors..u shud know me rite?

  3. i would say .. superb job. anyway, megatron will be in , once u got it from TW , colect n repaint for me also yaa... :D ,coooool...

  4. you have outdone yourself sayang! i'm so bu-raady proud of you!! the megatron is awesome! and all i can say is OHMYGOD!!!

  5. aaaa...! its the alien-like megatron..~!! whn r u buying me this?? btw, this is intan... nice robot-like blog u haf here.. hehe :P