Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Transformer Movie Ratchet Gone G1

Hi all, here I am again with another treat. As you all know that last few weeks Robotcon passed by. For that event, I was asked by the co-founder of to do an exclusive repaint on two Transformer Movie toys. Who were they? Well, the first one that went into the RK Designs workshop was Ratchet.

Most who don't know or already know, Ratchet was originally colored green. More to lime green or light green. (I have absolutely no idea why they made him that color...) So I suggested to do an original G1 version. (It was in fact for my own collection, but since its for a good cause..)

Here's good ol' Ratchet in his true Generation One colors...

In his vehicle form:

Ratchet Movie to Generation One Colors

(Click on the pictures to see Ratchet clearly)

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