Saturday, August 11, 2007

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled

As promised, the update begins. Honestly, the update should have begun with a Classics Thundercracker but like I mentioned before, the pics aren't prepared yet.

So what was the next project? A remodeled G1 Star Convoy from a Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy. This project has been on going for roughly a month plus, but only manage to get it uploaded here now since I didn't manage to pass it to my good pal Arya (the owner if you all might ask...). I purposely didn't take any of my own pics since the thought of only Arya could justify this fella.

Okay, a little brief on the makings. It started of with a base robot Megalo Convoy. This big boy was huge, and had the best articulation on a Transformer. So, after comparing it to the original G1 Star almost matched. What about the head? Well, I had an old G2 Laser Optimus Prime which was a really bad shape. Took the head and remodeled it a bit with a ball joint system. The V-fin on the forehead was made with Pla-plate and an some detailing parts for Gundam. The chest and shoulder cannons were taken from my busted 1/100 Gundam Leopard. And what happened next? Go on and have a look...

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled (RK Designs version)
* Click on the images to see bigger and better resolution versions.

Vehicle mode:

Robot mode:

In action:

Comparison to the original G1 Star Convoy:

G1 Star Convoy Remodeled

I'd like to say thanks to those who have been supporting me in my work. And just to inform, RK Designs is now a legit business. It's been registered and slowly working its way in the world ...Again, if it wasn't for loyal supporters (who have become my regular customers) there wouldn't even be an RK Designs.

Another thing I'd like to mention, a saddening news that a good friend of mine has taken leave of collecting Transformers. He informed me that he was quitting and planning to sell most of his collection. Why it disheartened me? Because this friend of mine was the one that was originally responsible for helping RK Designs to be where it is now. I hope that you won't totally leave Transformers collecting bro...maybe one day you'll get the mood again and join us again in the world of collecting. Again thanks Shah...for everything (that includes Alt Mirage, SolarStreak and the rest of the gifts you gave..heh...)

I bit you all adieu till the next update!


  1. sad really.... but thanks for d MP03..

    RK's 1st attempt

  2. I've got an old barbie that needs a boob job...

  3. heh..mp03? ur welcome arya...hahaha..and yeah..its really sad to see a fren leaving the world of collecting..

    matt, bring her in to my workshop..imagine the possibilities..(jst wondering wen did ya start getting barbies?)

  4. hey bro, id like to get my MP-01 and MP-03 repainted. how much do you charge? and how to contact you? thanks!

  5. hey there 'anonymous' hehehe..well, u can contact me via my email at i'll pass u my hp number and we can work out sumthing ya..