Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Voyager Movie Megatron Re-Imagined

Wouldn't you believe that this is the second update for the week? Woohoo? Heh...well, not necessarily since this fella was completed a couple of days back.

Okay, so what's the story on this bad boy? Simple. Original colors sucked and needed an overhaul. My friend wanted me to do something a bit more darker. He gave me a link to have a look see, and it was pretty nice. And as always, RK Designs will try to follow and give a slight 'RK' touch (cue Stan Bush's 'The Touch'...) to it.

I gave the fella a silver undercoat then later applied a slight rust brown to it. Later adding the black shadings. The shadings had some gloss to it and enhanced the metal look to it. And there you have lads and lasses...

Voyager Class Movie Megatron Re-Imagined

A little close ups.


*Click on the pics to view them bigger.

Well, until the next update!

Oodelaly everyone!

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