Friday, August 10, 2007

A Lot of Work Due In RK Designs Blog

Heya good seems this blog o' mine has been rather slow in the update department. Before anything or any conclusions, don't worry to those who've been following RK Designs. Just lately I've been swamped with work (doing some part time work for now) and a lot of commissioned repaints as well. Not that I'm't bite the hand that feeds right?

Theres some updates that I haven't done yet, which I know I need to post a.s.a.p...but its not gonna be now since I haven't prepared the photos yet...heh...this post here is just to inform those who have been loyally following this blog, that its not dead but just delayed.

But to those who wants to have a look at one of my works, you can check out the blog of a good friend of mine. A fellow Transformer fan and one helluva writer.

My work for him was a G1 lining design for his Alternator Meister (Autobot Jazz to those who are Transformally challenged...) and he ordered one of my Classics Dirge. So how was the outcome of the work for him? Check out his blog ya...he posted there. (Hey Eyeris, I'm pimpin' yer blog as well here, and thanks a bunch for the pimpin'!...hahahaha)

Eyeris's Alternator Meister <-- Click here to see the fella...

Well, thats about it for now. But I'll give you all some names that will be popping up here in RK Designs.

- Classics Thundercracker - Done!
- Voyager Movie Megatron - Done!
- Deluxe Bumblebee Camarro 2008 - Done!
- Classics Ultra Magnus NBE01 - In Progress-
- Cybertron Exillion to Hot Rod - In Progress-
- Classics Thrust (yep...better believe it people..) - In Progress-
- Alternator Nemesis Prime RK Designs version - Done!
- Alternator Blue Streak - In Progress-

Theres a few more others which are awaiting the 'GO' signal from my as you can see...there's gonna be one heckuva update soon...

Stay tuned!


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