Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movie Bumblebee Camarro '08 Revamped

Looks like the 'bee just got pimped by RK Designs.

Honestly, this project was done quite some time ago, but due to some unexpected reasons, this fella only managed to pop up now.

Okay, so what's the beef about him? For starters this is the Deluxe Movie Bumblebee. But its the later version, the Camarro '08. Why is this fella so downright popular? Well, for one thing it was because of the movie and second this particular toy just kicks butt.

Why the re-deco? Simple. Its what my customer wanted. Heh. This particular customer (which is now my good friend) has two of these. He had this idea of wanting it colored close to his Generation One counterpart. I took his idea and added a little of my own vision.

What do you get? Have a look...

Movie Bumblebee Revamped


Transformers Movie Hero:

*Click the images to see 'em bigger ya...

As you can see I'm missing the vehicle images. The reason? I forgot all about it when I took these pictures. Weird eh? But that usually happens to me, no worries, I hope my good pal Fahmi (I know your reading this...hahaha) to take some pictures of this fella in vehicle mode. So in other words, this story will be continued.


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