Sunday, July 15, 2007

Classics Ramjet Re-Made to Dirge

Among all the original Decepticon Seekers, the Coneheads were not given much screen time. That I remember well. But, they were one mean looking jets to ever come into the world of Transformers and being Decepticons, they were badasses.

The Transformers Classics line came up with Ramjet as one of their new wave figures. And seeing Ramjet (clearly having a new mold for wings and head), fans were hoping to see the other two Seekers. Yes. They did come out with Dirge and Thrust, but they were BotCon exclusives. So for us average joes who live across the globe, getting one is definitely a no no.

Thats where RK Designs come in. I have been pondering awhile in doing a Dirge repaint based on the BotCon design. Then I thought to myself, 'If I were to repaint according to the BotCon exclusive, then there won't be any originality to it...' So I rummaged through some old comics and borrowed a Transformers Toys collection book and started playing with some ideas. Finally I decided to combine the original G1 look and added a little from the BotCon exclusive.

And here it is ladies and gentlemen...

Classics Dirge by RK Designs

Jet mode:

"Fear is the element that unites all losers." - Dirge

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Megatron Make-Over

Hey all, as you all know the Transformer Movie is currently showing and is the hottest movie hitting the cinemas now. And as before, the merchandising will ensue from toys to whatever you can think of. But RK Designs won't be going that far, just doing another repaint for another customer.

Who is it this time? It's the Leader Class Megatron. As a personal opinion, the figure was colored badly by the manufacturers (this is an honest comment...) and I think, a Leader Class figure should have been given more work on the paintjob. Last few weeks, a friend showed me a link to a custom repaint of the Movie Megs. Members rooted for me to do a RK version, but I had to wait till someone sends in the fig.

Lucky for me, a toy shop (Toy Workers - link can be seen on the right panel) who has been a strong supporter of RK Designs and a good friend sent in the first Megs to be repainted. The scheme? Well, they asked me to try to follow closely to the link they gave in the forum, then I thought again...I don't remember RK Designs following someone else's design...So I opt for a different approach.

And here ladies and the result..

Leader Class Megatron - RK Designs exclusive for Toy Workers

A little close up shots:

Cybertronian Jet form:

Close up of the fighter:


(images can be seen larger if clicked upon)

p.s: I didn't have time to properly take the pictures of the figure at home since the owner needed it quite urgent, so I brought my digicam and did a photo session in his shop.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Leader Class Optimus Prime Just Went Bad

Here's the second exclusive repaint I did for Robotcon. A Nemesis version of the movie Optimus Prime. And better still, the Leader Class version. All I can say is that the leader class prime is an awesome toy. The technology shoved into its transformations system was superb and I for one am amazed at how they could come up with such a toy.

Anyways, I used my usual Nemesis scheme but added a few more details to it. For instance, the flame was replaced by lines. Why lines? Just to add a tad difference to the normal flames. Originally we were going to go with flames, but then it would be so identical to the normal prime (and not to mention time consuming..didn't have much time though).

After much work and less than two hours of sleep each day, he was done...finally.

Leader Class Nemesis Prime:

Close-ups on the bot:

Vehicle Mode:

Leader Class Nemesis Prime (Robotcon Exclusive)

(Click on each image to see Nemesis clearly)

Transformer Movie Ratchet Gone G1

Hi all, here I am again with another treat. As you all know that last few weeks Robotcon passed by. For that event, I was asked by the co-founder of to do an exclusive repaint on two Transformer Movie toys. Who were they? Well, the first one that went into the RK Designs workshop was Ratchet.

Most who don't know or already know, Ratchet was originally colored green. More to lime green or light green. (I have absolutely no idea why they made him that color...) So I suggested to do an original G1 version. (It was in fact for my own collection, but since its for a good cause..)

Here's good ol' Ratchet in his true Generation One colors...

In his vehicle form:

Ratchet Movie to Generation One Colors

(Click on the pictures to see Ratchet clearly)